Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Hua HIn


In Hua Hin at the moment, before I go back to Bangkok on Friday for 4 days thankfully...

Not done much really as can't be bothered, place is full of 'retired English couples' looks like a British Skegness on a hot day. I know that may sound a bit awful, but in Thailand I love to be in a place that is mostly Thai so probably won't be coming back to Hua Hin

Went on a food tour today which was very good, myself and a lovely Australian couple savoured the delights of the amazing Thai cuisine, which was some of the best Thai food I have ever eaten, I have posted a few pics below, but can't remember a lot of the dishes as we had about 12 I think....

Off for a foot massage in a minute, then probably no tea as still full, so an early night then maybe a bit of shopping tomorrow.

Sorry blog not too exciting but in Hua Hin just really sat in bar drinking water and the odd beer and having the odd massage, as looking forward to going back to Bangkok......

Loads of horses in Hua Hin

Still Christmas in Thailand....

Row of massage shops

Happy people in hotel

Me having a foot massage

All below are from the food tour today.....

Kanom Gui Chai - Steamed Chinese Dumplings

Local restaurant entrance

Thai fish, but didn't try these, but looked gorgeous

Thai cooking pot

Thai cooking stove

Thai kitchen

Helmets left at home.....

Bit moist today, which is a little better for my bald head

I think this was Khoa Soi, Chiang Mai noodles

My favourite, Gang Hang Lae - Northern jungle curry

Lovely lady who cooked the above dish and friend of Thailands last King

Thai menu in above restaurant

Kitchen in above restaurant

Kitchen in above restaurant

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