Monday, 15 January 2018

Last day.....until next time!!


As you can see from this title, I go back to England tomorrow. Today little bit shopping and now pack.

Following photo's show a couple from yesterday, and a few other assorted ones.

Lovely lunch in Junction 21, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Nueng on Sky Train Station

My Taco lunch today, lovely.....

Thai dog looking smart 

Thai supermarket Fish Sauce shelf.....bliss!!!

Chicken for sale, Tesco Lotus 

Fish counter at Tesco...

Wonderful selection of garlic in Tesco......

That's goodbye from me for this trip, sorry blog not too long, but back again very soon......

Korp Khun Khup Mak Mak.....

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Bangkok again..........


Firstly, sorry about no blog for a few days, Thursday Wi-Fi not work somehow on MacBook, but now sorted, I think I must have pressed a wrong button.

Arrived Bangkok Friday in the afternoon after a 4 hours taxi ride from Hua Hin. Nueng came to see me on Friday, which was lovely. In the evening we tried to find somewhere to eat but I think everywhere in Bangkok full, so Nueng had this great idea of going back to Junction 21shopping centre, and we had a wonderful Thai meal in there for about B180 (£4.70)

Computer still not too well as its only uploaded some of my pictures from my iPhone (stupid technology not work all time). Anyway yesterday, Nueng and I went shopping, which I so love in Bangkok as the shopping malls are so amazing and huge.

Saturday night we had a lovely meal together in the Meridian Hotel, Sukhumvit, which thankfully some photo's of have downloaded.

Hunky picture of me

Our amazing prawn starter

I forget, but think Pork skewer BBQ'd at the table

Beef Massaman Thai Curry (I so love this)

Nueng and I 

Nueng inside Marriot Hotel

Lovely pic of a Thai bike

Random Pic of a toilet controls (not same England)

Tomorrow last day as home Tuesday night, so may do a bit of shopping tomorrow and do one last blog, Thank you to anyone who has read these, although so sorry not one every day.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Hua HIn


In Hua Hin at the moment, before I go back to Bangkok on Friday for 4 days thankfully...

Not done much really as can't be bothered, place is full of 'retired English couples' looks like a British Skegness on a hot day. I know that may sound a bit awful, but in Thailand I love to be in a place that is mostly Thai so probably won't be coming back to Hua Hin

Went on a food tour today which was very good, myself and a lovely Australian couple savoured the delights of the amazing Thai cuisine, which was some of the best Thai food I have ever eaten, I have posted a few pics below, but can't remember a lot of the dishes as we had about 12 I think....

Off for a foot massage in a minute, then probably no tea as still full, so an early night then maybe a bit of shopping tomorrow.

Sorry blog not too exciting but in Hua Hin just really sat in bar drinking water and the odd beer and having the odd massage, as looking forward to going back to Bangkok......

Loads of horses in Hua Hin

Still Christmas in Thailand....

Row of massage shops

Happy people in hotel

Me having a foot massage

All below are from the food tour today.....

Kanom Gui Chai - Steamed Chinese Dumplings

Local restaurant entrance

Thai fish, but didn't try these, but looked gorgeous

Thai cooking pot

Thai cooking stove

Thai kitchen

Helmets left at home.....

Bit moist today, which is a little better for my bald head

I think this was Khoa Soi, Chiang Mai noodles

My favourite, Gang Hang Lae - Northern jungle curry

Lovely lady who cooked the above dish and friend of Thailands last King

Thai menu in above restaurant

Kitchen in above restaurant

Kitchen in above restaurant

Monday, 8 January 2018

Massage and Durian!!!

Sawasdee again

I am in Hua Hin now, about 3 hours taxi south of Bangkok...

But about yesterday...

Food is always important, especially in Thailand, as it tastes so amazing, so Nueng and I went to a pub called Scruffy Murphy's on Soi 23 Sukhumvit for breakfast/lunch. I think I had chicken with cashew nut and Nueng had a green curry and a prawn rice dish, I was full with just my chicken so no idea how Nueng managed to eat 2 meals....

My lovely Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Nueng's gorgeous green curry 

Nueng now full

Inside Scruffy Murphy's

Motorbike helmet optional in Thailand!

After lunch, we decided to go for a massage. Nueng had this great idea of us both having a traditional Thai massage, which to be fair, at that point I was ok about it. So after a foot wash we headed upstairs in this lovely Thai massage shop on Sukhumvit. We entered the room and had to undress and put this massage gown on (see pics). Now as soon as I saw this my mind went to the excellent youtube video of Carl Pilkington having a massage at a Chiang Mai womens prison massage shop, please look the video on you youtube as it is exactly how it happened only mine lasted 60 gruelling minutes. 
I was laid on the mattress, and all I could hear was Nueng and the 2 female Thai masseurs talking in Thai and laughing, obviously laughing at me being half killed!!! How some of my limbs managed to be placed in positioned limbs aren't supposed to be placed in I will never know, but at least it made a very enjoyable hour for Nueng and the masseurs seeing me obviously being tortured but in a pleasant way!!!

Massage mattress 

Nueng looking lovely

Me after a lovely relaxing hour...not!!!

No wonder Nueng is smiling 
(although she did say she asked them to be gentle with me)

So still alive, we went for a walk around Sukhumvit and ended up in a 7/11 as Nueng fancied an ice cream. On looking in the ice cream display, I noticed one made out of Durian. Now if anyone doesn't know what Durian is, it's a Thai fruit that someone once described it's odor as "turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock" so that gives you an idea, but it taste's gorgeous...

Nueng trying my Durian ice cream

Our ice creams

Well that was nearly it for the day as Nueng had to go home a little later as she was working Monday, so I then packed and ready for Hua Hin...

I arrived a few hours ago in Hua Hin, a town south of Bangkok, here until Friday then back to Bangkok.

My view from my little hotel in Hua Hin

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Lovely Bangkok.....


Sunday morning here, damn hot so not going in the sun today, maybe foot, head & back massage many times.....

Yesterday spent the day with Nueng (Nueng is Beau's cousin, Beau being my friend Kevin's wife, who are both from Beverley, in case anyone not read yesterday's blog). Nueng is from Bang Na, Bangkok.

We met then went to Junction 21, a shopping plaza on Sukhumvit for a few hours, then off to a massage. We both had a lovely foot massage, this time me not falling asleep.

In the evening we went to s restaurant called Cabbages and Condoms on Sukhumvit Soi 12, I believe the name came from a gentleman who was trying to promote safe sex, and he started with workers who worked in a cabbage field (this may be totally false, but it sounds good)....

The food, service and the company were wonderful.

Lunch at J21

Inside J21

Shopping inside J21

Table with loads of Condoms!!!

Lovely Food

Lovely Nueng

More Condoms!!!!

Nueng and I under a Condom Christmas Tree