Friday, 4 December 2015

Still hot!

2 more days left in Cha Am, then back to smoggy Bangkok!

Today same yesterday....done nowt! Well except 3hrs on the beach (for those of you that may have been to Thailand, in certain places some of the girls, or boys, have numbers on them, just in case you wish to have one as your girlfriend/boyfriend, however my choice of number 14 didn't quiet go as I had planned as you can see for my pic below, however I was more than happy as she looked cute, and most important, I am sure my mother and Sue will approve!) so after I said goodbye to my no.14 I went and had another foot massage (£3) and an Aloa Vera body massage which was wonderful, the gel had been in the fridge, don't know whether she used that just to hear me scream when she applied it on my red bits, or it's supposed to be in the fridge, anyway for £7 it was a great way to spend an hour.

Just sat in a bar (outside on the seafront) now writing this, the sea breeze cooling me down outside, and a chilled Chang beer (or 3) cooling me down inside....heaven!!!!

Then off 2 have tea, either a pizza or another Thai stir fry. I know I so love Thai food, however a pizza every now and again is nice also. Then maybe another foot massage before snug.....

A 20p sandwich, gorgeous 

Scaffolding Thai style

Happy deck chairs

Thai food stall

Cha Am beach

My no.14 choice. at least she thought I was hunky!!

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