Thursday, 3 December 2015


Had 3 today, 3 lovely massages. Well firstly a manicure (yes blokes can have them also!) cost £2, a pedicure which lasted 1 hr and cost £3.50 and then a foot massage, which again was 1 hr and cost about £3.50, so for £9 had 3 hours of massages, so at the moment, I am half asleep having my tea (see pics)

Again didn't do much today, had healthy breakfast (could get the hang of this healthy eating!) then sunbathed for a few hours but was too hot really, and missed some suntan lotion so parts of me are a little red!

Gave up on the sunbathing when I decided getting cooked alive wouldn't have been the best decision I had ever made, so then went for my 3 hours of massages.

Then had a nice Pork stir fry with garlic (see pic), had a walk around for an hour then now sat in the little restaurant at the front of my guest house having more food. Coconut chicken soup and Pork Phad Thai (see pics)....

Hope weather is good in sunny England, as it's a bit too warm here!

5 girls on a bike!

Massage price list

Road outside my guesthouse

Pork & garlic (with fish sauce)

Fish sauce!

Pork (moo) Phad Thai

Coconut chicken soup

Thai spirit house's

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