Saturday, 5 December 2015

Happy Birthday His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej

Happy birthday to the Thai King

In Thailand this is a holiday, and rightly so. The king of Thailand is thought of so greatly by all Thai's, so respect is given by all Thai's and Falang's (non Thai's like me).

Most places closed today, apart from beach, food places, and the occasional restaurant that cater for Falang!

Got up late as always (10.00 instead of 5.30 at home) so went for healthy breakfast again. Then has yet another foot massage for £3 for 1 hour. Didn't sunbathe today as the beach was packed with Thai's on their holiday, as it's the Kings birthday, and also fathers day.

Had, for a change, a pork (moo) with rice for 50p, then walked around Cha Am for a couple of hours. Tonight decided due to the Thai eateries all being full, would try a Falang restaurant at the bottom of my Soi (see pic's).

Decided to have Sirloin steak, also had 1 glass of red wine (very expensive in Thailand) and 3 beers, total cost, £8.....amazing!!!! and because the service was even more amazing, I gave then £4 tip, so that caused 3 staff to bring me a free drink, then they all came up and Wai'd me (Thai's way of saying thank you) ..... sorry England but you have to learn from these lovely people about customer service...I will be there tomorrow evening for another lovely steak, before I head back to Bangkok!

So sat in room watching football doing my blog and writing emails, before snug......

Outside guesthouse in Cha Am

View to sea from balcony

Local plod station

An apartment in a container..amazing!

My steak!


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