Monday, 7 December 2015

Goodbye Cha Am.....

Waiting for taxi to come from Bangkok to pick me up....for those that knows all things Thai, things don't always be on i think he said he will be here between 10 and 12hrs, or something similar.....anyway there's no rush!

3hours taxi ride then back to smoggy Bangkok for 6 nights....then home!

Yesterday didn't do a great deal again as Thai's had another day holiday, all most of them decided to come to Cha Am, so it was very busy. I started the day not in a healthy way, found a little restaurant that did 'full English' (see pic)....very nice is was!! After that decided to have a few massages, so had a hand massage, a foot massage, and also a face massage. The face massage was actually very good, although some of the stuff she put on was damn cold. All 3 massages took about 2.5hrs and cost B500 which is about £9.50.....bargain!!

Then had tea (see pic) then snug..... so sorry not a lot happen in terms of interesting Blog type things....

Anyway I still wait for my taxi..........

Full English 

Side stall

Another eaterie......

Local transport.....

Monks.....with mobile phone!

Seafood & coconut soup

Prok with garlic sauce

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