Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Cha Am


Sawasdee to anyone who wishes to read my little basic blog! In Cha Am at the moment, after 5 days in Bangkok I decided that it was a little too humid, busy and thought I would go to somewhere a little less crowded, so now in Cha Am, a little seaside place about 200km from Bangkok.

I am staying in a lovely Thai B&B, its very basic, but the staff are fantastic, and it's a thai B&B which for me is great, it's clean, the staff as I said are great and nothing too much trouble, the breakfast great and as I said before, it's quiet, well more quiet than Bangkok.

Today woke with a knock at my door, my dry cleaning had arrived, cost £3.00, she didn't seem to bother as much as me that I was completely naked (poor girl). Then went for a foot massage for £3.00 then had lunch, and the restaurant owner took my picture for 10p. Then on to the beach (see pics). The beach had me and about 6 others on it, so stayed there for a few hours, there were some horses running up and down (thought the were your's Sue x), then back to my B&B for tonights tea. I have been trying to learn Thai from a lovely bar owner but failed, although I will grasp this language if its the last thing I do, but maybe not this week.

This bar sells pizza Thai style, so going to try fried basil pizza, although its B190 (£3.50).

Tomorrow the same, not bothering with visiting places here, just breakfast, walk a little, lunch, massage, beach then tea and beer, then snug (for those other than Sue reading this, that means bed!)

view from my room in Cha Am

Lunch - Stir fried rice with pork


Beach were one got some sun

Horses on beach - DD would have liked this

My friend in bar


  1. Sawasdee wot no clothes !! I would prefer looking at photos of your lovely bugs at the street vendors rather than a selfie of your naked butt Lol. Beach looks great soak some up for us Frosties back in Blighty ☃

  2. Thank's Alf, I will try and bring a bit of the heat back with me.....although to be fair, it's too hot!!