Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Cha Am - Suay ngaam

My 3rd day in Cha Am, a small beach resort south of Bangkok. In all my travels to the Land of Smiles, never visited, but given the chance, would definitely return.

It's quiet, its a little cooler than Bangkok, and its a little cheaper, and its got a beach!

I spent this morning in bed as don't have an alarm clock, but got woken by next doors room getting a new air conditioning system fitted, so I think this was my wake up call. I has a lovely healthy breakfast in my guest house, which was cereal, coffee, juice, yogurt and toast (please note Sue, healthy eating). Then as I have decided to do absolutely nothing in terms of visiting touristy places this time, I went to the beach. Got accosted by a lovely Thai lady renting beach blankets, so that set me back £1.00, then decided to get my money's worth so spent 3 hours on the beach.

Thought what next, so massage and food both sprang to mind, so went for a lovely body massage with the same young lady as yesterday for 1 hr then for some food.

I wondered on the road near the beach and found a lovely Italian/Thai place that looked welcoming so as I was starving at this point decided this was the place to have one's afternoon meal, and what a great choice it was (will now come back again!). I was welcomed by the Thai wife of the couple who owned this lovely place, the husband being Italian, but as it was called Thaitalia (see pic), I suppose their nationalities was given away by the name. I decided to have Deep fried pork with garlic and pepper (see pic) which was amazing and for only B60 (£1.10). Then decided on Spicy Galangal coconut milk soup (see pic) which was B200 (£3.90). I have to say that this soup was probably the best I have eaten in all the times I have visited Thailand (apart from the one Beau made me when I visited Beau and Kevin in Ban Lahansai 2 years ago and stayed at their lovely home).

The service I had at this lovely little restaurant was the best, when I left a small tip the lovely Thai lady thought I had given too much by accident, then her husband came across to ask if I had made a mistake, it just shows what lovely people there are in this amazing country, I gave B200, which was about (£3.90). It was worth every penny because of the lovely food, the lovely smiles and the great service.

Just doing ones blog now, then may pop out for an hour before bed, then up in the morning for another healthy breakfast!!!

Beach at Cha Am today

Deep fried pork with garlic & pepper

Spicy Galangal soup

Spicy Galangal soup

Menu from Thaitalia -Cha Am

Just in case you are in Cha-Am anytime

Food cart in Cha-Am

Street food outlet in Cha-Am

Sunset outside the restaurant

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