Friday, 27 November 2015

Still Hot!

Me again...

Got up late due to jet lag, thought I had just fallen to sleep then realised due to the sun being out, it was 12:15 in the afternoon and not in the morning....oooopppps

Anyway having missed breakfast, decided to go and have a look at the pool (see pics below). Got more hot and sticky so then went to order a Aroma Massage in my room. Got someone to come to the room as it only costs £1.50 more so thought it was less hassle.

After ones massage which for about £7.00 for an hour it was very good, although think I fell asleep because as soon as she started she said was that ok, so must have missed the bit in between!

Then off to tea at my favourite English pub on Soi 23 called Queen Vic, although there wasn't any sign of Barbara Windsor! Had stir fried pork (again)...(see pic below). It was then about 8pm so came back to hotel by walking for an hour up Sukhumvit, which if anyone has done before, you get nowhere fast as the path is full of little side stalls, makeshift bars, and Ladyboys who wish to wake up with you in the morning (Mother and Sue please take note!!! I said no to them all, even though most of them were more beautiful than the average female in England)

Then went to bed......but woke up a few minutes ago, must have realised I had not done my little blog, so thats why I am going it now....

Korp Kun Krub

Pool at hotel

Sukhumvit, Bangkok

One's tea (only pork..not stir fried rat...)

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