Thursday, 26 November 2015

Just got here

It's's damn hot..!!!!!!

Too hot to stay outside, although I have been travelling for 24 hrs and 5 minutes so to arrive in 36degrees and feels like 100%'s hot

Anyway enough of it being hot (did I mention that?). Had my customary pedicure at some little massage shop, cost £3 for an hour which I thought was very reasonable, although lady that gave me my pedicure was about 103yrs old, she knew what she was doing, but I suppose she has had plenty of practice over the years!!

Then booked into Hotel about 2 hrs ago. Off for something to eat as starving, although think it may have to be something normal like Thai Pork Fried Rice with fish sauce......think I will leave the odd looking creatures for another day!!

Thats about it really, didn't get up to much on the plane apart from being entertained by my neighbour  who decided to drink a little more wine than is good for you whilst on a plane, and trying to change your clothes in the gangway!! ...yes she fell over...twice!!

Off for something to eat now so see you tomorrow..

Sorry no pictures yet, although took a little video whilst in taxi approaching Bangkok.....

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