Saturday, 28 November 2015

Erawan Shrine


As you can probably tell by my title, decided to pay my respects yesterday to Erawan Shrine (Thao Mahaprom Shrine) in central Bangkok, the location of the awful bombing in August this year.

I didn't know quiet what to expect, either in terms of would it be busy or were people staying away, however I found when I arrived the most strange sense of eeriness, but also it appeared to be a place were life is just continuing, which always amazes me with the lovely people of Thailand. Whatever tragedies or life situations come in their way, they always seen to just carry on regardless.....

I stayed for around 1 hour taking in all that had happened and was happening here, mainly Thai's were giving their offerings of flowers and even though people think I sometimes don't have any feelings!! watching all that went on here made me a little emotional, and after what others have gone through, thats understandable....

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