Saturday, 12 December 2015

Ready for home........

Sorry about no blog for a couple of days, but Wednesday and Thursday, Apple decided to update my MacBook, but at the same time the internet connection here was awful, so it decided to take nearly 3 days to do!!!
Ready packed to come home, setting off in about 10hours to Bangkok airport......

Yesterday went to the local wet market called Khlong Toey, it's were most if not all of the food comes from that feeds Bangkok, so you can imagine, it is large, hot, smelly and above all, not for the faint hearted!!!!

I will post a couple of pics on here as its my last blog before I get home, but some pic's I think are not for my blog as they are not quiet as you would find shopping at Waitrose!!

Thank you to anyone reading this, It's been good, but I can't wait to get home.....

Khlong Toey market

Fresh chicken!!!!

Restaurant at Khlong Toey market

Khlong Toey market

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Chao Phraya River


Today got up and went for breakfast (or didn't) as there was a job's worth who had got a job on restaurant reception. I had paid for my breakfasts when I booked in so when I turned up for my £4 Full English, said youth decided that because someone hadn't used a highlighter on my room number, I wasn't to have any breakfast.....anyway in my new calm manner, I said no problem and walked away, but not without letting reception know that they had one very upset customer ( I wasn't really upset, because there was a lovely Thai restaurant about 100yds away that did breakfast for B150 (£3)..

Then waited for my only tour on this trip, a ride on the Chao Phraya river, which is something I was looking forward to and as it turned out it went ok, even though it took 2hrs to arrive about 2 miles due to the traffic, but as my pictures show it was worthwhile the long taxi ride.

On way back decided to get the sky train, so after 1hr taxi to the nearest skytrain, I got the skytrain which took a further 10 minutes....

Had tea which was garlic chicken with chilli (and 2 beers), so just going to finish my little blog then out for another tea which may have Moo (pork for a change)... then snug

Tomorrow I  may either go to have a 150min massage for one's bad back, it's one that rejuvenates a bad back as one has!!! so we will see how that goes, or I may go visit the Khlong Toey Fresh Market which evidently isn't for the squeamish........

The Royal Palace, Bangkok

House on Chao Phraya river

Feeding the fish in the river

Similar boat that I was on!

Chao Phraya river

Bangkok's sky train

Bangkok's elecricity !!!

One's tea!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Goodbye Cha Am.....

Waiting for taxi to come from Bangkok to pick me up....for those that knows all things Thai, things don't always be on i think he said he will be here between 10 and 12hrs, or something similar.....anyway there's no rush!

3hours taxi ride then back to smoggy Bangkok for 6 nights....then home!

Yesterday didn't do a great deal again as Thai's had another day holiday, all most of them decided to come to Cha Am, so it was very busy. I started the day not in a healthy way, found a little restaurant that did 'full English' (see pic)....very nice is was!! After that decided to have a few massages, so had a hand massage, a foot massage, and also a face massage. The face massage was actually very good, although some of the stuff she put on was damn cold. All 3 massages took about 2.5hrs and cost B500 which is about £9.50.....bargain!!

Then had tea (see pic) then snug..... so sorry not a lot happen in terms of interesting Blog type things....

Anyway I still wait for my taxi..........

Full English 

Side stall

Another eaterie......

Local transport.....

Monks.....with mobile phone!

Seafood & coconut soup

Prok with garlic sauce

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Happy Birthday His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej

Happy birthday to the Thai King

In Thailand this is a holiday, and rightly so. The king of Thailand is thought of so greatly by all Thai's, so respect is given by all Thai's and Falang's (non Thai's like me).

Most places closed today, apart from beach, food places, and the occasional restaurant that cater for Falang!

Got up late as always (10.00 instead of 5.30 at home) so went for healthy breakfast again. Then has yet another foot massage for £3 for 1 hour. Didn't sunbathe today as the beach was packed with Thai's on their holiday, as it's the Kings birthday, and also fathers day.

Had, for a change, a pork (moo) with rice for 50p, then walked around Cha Am for a couple of hours. Tonight decided due to the Thai eateries all being full, would try a Falang restaurant at the bottom of my Soi (see pic's).

Decided to have Sirloin steak, also had 1 glass of red wine (very expensive in Thailand) and 3 beers, total cost, £8.....amazing!!!! and because the service was even more amazing, I gave then £4 tip, so that caused 3 staff to bring me a free drink, then they all came up and Wai'd me (Thai's way of saying thank you) ..... sorry England but you have to learn from these lovely people about customer service...I will be there tomorrow evening for another lovely steak, before I head back to Bangkok!

So sat in room watching football doing my blog and writing emails, before snug......

Outside guesthouse in Cha Am

View to sea from balcony

Local plod station

An apartment in a container..amazing!

My steak!


Friday, 4 December 2015

Still hot!

2 more days left in Cha Am, then back to smoggy Bangkok!

Today same yesterday....done nowt! Well except 3hrs on the beach (for those of you that may have been to Thailand, in certain places some of the girls, or boys, have numbers on them, just in case you wish to have one as your girlfriend/boyfriend, however my choice of number 14 didn't quiet go as I had planned as you can see for my pic below, however I was more than happy as she looked cute, and most important, I am sure my mother and Sue will approve!) so after I said goodbye to my no.14 I went and had another foot massage (£3) and an Aloa Vera body massage which was wonderful, the gel had been in the fridge, don't know whether she used that just to hear me scream when she applied it on my red bits, or it's supposed to be in the fridge, anyway for £7 it was a great way to spend an hour.

Just sat in a bar (outside on the seafront) now writing this, the sea breeze cooling me down outside, and a chilled Chang beer (or 3) cooling me down inside....heaven!!!!

Then off 2 have tea, either a pizza or another Thai stir fry. I know I so love Thai food, however a pizza every now and again is nice also. Then maybe another foot massage before snug.....

A 20p sandwich, gorgeous 

Scaffolding Thai style

Happy deck chairs

Thai food stall

Cha Am beach

My no.14 choice. at least she thought I was hunky!!

Thursday, 3 December 2015


Had 3 today, 3 lovely massages. Well firstly a manicure (yes blokes can have them also!) cost £2, a pedicure which lasted 1 hr and cost £3.50 and then a foot massage, which again was 1 hr and cost about £3.50, so for £9 had 3 hours of massages, so at the moment, I am half asleep having my tea (see pics)

Again didn't do much today, had healthy breakfast (could get the hang of this healthy eating!) then sunbathed for a few hours but was too hot really, and missed some suntan lotion so parts of me are a little red!

Gave up on the sunbathing when I decided getting cooked alive wouldn't have been the best decision I had ever made, so then went for my 3 hours of massages.

Then had a nice Pork stir fry with garlic (see pic), had a walk around for an hour then now sat in the little restaurant at the front of my guest house having more food. Coconut chicken soup and Pork Phad Thai (see pics)....

Hope weather is good in sunny England, as it's a bit too warm here!

5 girls on a bike!

Massage price list

Road outside my guesthouse

Pork & garlic (with fish sauce)

Fish sauce!

Pork (moo) Phad Thai

Coconut chicken soup

Thai spirit house's

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Cha Am - Suay ngaam

My 3rd day in Cha Am, a small beach resort south of Bangkok. In all my travels to the Land of Smiles, never visited, but given the chance, would definitely return.

It's quiet, its a little cooler than Bangkok, and its a little cheaper, and its got a beach!

I spent this morning in bed as don't have an alarm clock, but got woken by next doors room getting a new air conditioning system fitted, so I think this was my wake up call. I has a lovely healthy breakfast in my guest house, which was cereal, coffee, juice, yogurt and toast (please note Sue, healthy eating). Then as I have decided to do absolutely nothing in terms of visiting touristy places this time, I went to the beach. Got accosted by a lovely Thai lady renting beach blankets, so that set me back £1.00, then decided to get my money's worth so spent 3 hours on the beach.

Thought what next, so massage and food both sprang to mind, so went for a lovely body massage with the same young lady as yesterday for 1 hr then for some food.

I wondered on the road near the beach and found a lovely Italian/Thai place that looked welcoming so as I was starving at this point decided this was the place to have one's afternoon meal, and what a great choice it was (will now come back again!). I was welcomed by the Thai wife of the couple who owned this lovely place, the husband being Italian, but as it was called Thaitalia (see pic), I suppose their nationalities was given away by the name. I decided to have Deep fried pork with garlic and pepper (see pic) which was amazing and for only B60 (£1.10). Then decided on Spicy Galangal coconut milk soup (see pic) which was B200 (£3.90). I have to say that this soup was probably the best I have eaten in all the times I have visited Thailand (apart from the one Beau made me when I visited Beau and Kevin in Ban Lahansai 2 years ago and stayed at their lovely home).

The service I had at this lovely little restaurant was the best, when I left a small tip the lovely Thai lady thought I had given too much by accident, then her husband came across to ask if I had made a mistake, it just shows what lovely people there are in this amazing country, I gave B200, which was about (£3.90). It was worth every penny because of the lovely food, the lovely smiles and the great service.

Just doing ones blog now, then may pop out for an hour before bed, then up in the morning for another healthy breakfast!!!

Beach at Cha Am today

Deep fried pork with garlic & pepper

Spicy Galangal soup

Spicy Galangal soup

Menu from Thaitalia -Cha Am

Just in case you are in Cha-Am anytime

Food cart in Cha-Am

Street food outlet in Cha-Am

Sunset outside the restaurant

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Cha Am


Sawasdee to anyone who wishes to read my little basic blog! In Cha Am at the moment, after 5 days in Bangkok I decided that it was a little too humid, busy and thought I would go to somewhere a little less crowded, so now in Cha Am, a little seaside place about 200km from Bangkok.

I am staying in a lovely Thai B&B, its very basic, but the staff are fantastic, and it's a thai B&B which for me is great, it's clean, the staff as I said are great and nothing too much trouble, the breakfast great and as I said before, it's quiet, well more quiet than Bangkok.

Today woke with a knock at my door, my dry cleaning had arrived, cost £3.00, she didn't seem to bother as much as me that I was completely naked (poor girl). Then went for a foot massage for £3.00 then had lunch, and the restaurant owner took my picture for 10p. Then on to the beach (see pics). The beach had me and about 6 others on it, so stayed there for a few hours, there were some horses running up and down (thought the were your's Sue x), then back to my B&B for tonights tea. I have been trying to learn Thai from a lovely bar owner but failed, although I will grasp this language if its the last thing I do, but maybe not this week.

This bar sells pizza Thai style, so going to try fried basil pizza, although its B190 (£3.50).

Tomorrow the same, not bothering with visiting places here, just breakfast, walk a little, lunch, massage, beach then tea and beer, then snug (for those other than Sue reading this, that means bed!)

view from my room in Cha Am

Lunch - Stir fried rice with pork


Beach were one got some sun

Horses on beach - DD would have liked this

My friend in bar