Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Thai Prison!

I thought today would involve another massage, why not! So off I travel by foot from CM Bluehouse for about 30 mins, until I reach the Chiang Mai Woman's Prison.....

You are probably thinking I have gone a bit funny, but no! This Correctional Institution allows their 'soon to be released' inmates to offer massage to those that wish to take part, like me! The payment, in my case B150 (£3) goes to an a/c for the prisoner, when on her release, she will then get the proceeds, to help her start life outside. What a wonderful idea!

So after a nervous few minutes taking pictures of the Prison (nervous because there were many signs saying - NO PICTURES) anyway I took some!

Main prison entrance..

One of the prison watch towers!

So off to the massage! On entry was met by a prison guard who was very happy and jovial, I paid my B150 and off I went inside. The massage area was just like any other in Chiang Mai. I had opted for a foot massage, so after a lovely foot wash by one inmate, I then sat in this reclining sofa, and was then given the most wonderful 1hr foot massage by a young very smiling Thai girl. Between me falling asleep, she did her best to try and teach me a little Thai language, but was too sleepy to take it in! After an hour of amazing massage and smiles, I then left....but not after giving her a B200 tip...let's just say I felt sorry for her a little, as an hour after my massage off she would go back to her prison cell!

The banner advertising massages outside the prison!

One thing that did amaze me though, that on the entrance to the massage area of the prison, behind the guard, you can see that this place has a mention on Tripadvisor, and it got top marks, and well deserved!

Guard at the massage entrance...and Tripadvisor certificate!!

Whilst on the subject of prisons, although not on this trip, but on my last one I mentioned earlier in my blog, that I visited Bang Kwang. Unfortunately I have found that it's nearly impossible now to get access to visit. The guy I visited was doing 38yrs in this Hellhole, a guy called Steven Wong. So if 
anyone interested in communicating with inmates in a Thai prison, I believe 'prisoners abroad' 
website can help you do this. By the way, if you do visit Bang Kwang (also referred to as the Bangkok Hilton), please don't try and take a photo like I did (see below picture), as I came across I very upset guard, who happened to be carrying a firearm, who told be to delete it, I showed him me pressing my delete key on my camera, but I seem to have not pressed it hard enough!!!!oh dear! But I can tell you, the incident didn't half frighten the hell out of me a little, because I had just returned from the visiting area from inside Bang Kwang, and I certainly didn't want to go back....inside it was unimaginable, even as a visitor...no wonder they call it the worst prison in the world! Another name the guards here use to call the prison is 'the big tiger' ...the reason behind this is that as soon as you arrive, the prison will eat you up!

Entrance to Bang Kwang...'The Bangkok Hilton'

That's it for prisons......back to this trip....

....All rejuvenated, I then had a nice walk around the Old Town that I haven't been to before, enjoying some banana fritters for B10 (20p)....very lovely!

Banana fritter stall (on the left in the picture)

After my snack, then start to walk back to my B&B, on the way I pass the Chiang Mai main police station, so with my fascination of things police, I took a photo, but again got some very funny looks from 2 'Thai Plod' that we're walking past!

Chiang Mai main plod station!

 Finally before I got to my B&B, thought I would have a very well deserved beer, as walked miles today, so asked the lady in the bar if she wouldn't mind taking my picture, just in case anyone wanted to see it...which I doubt...but here is a picture of me anyway, this afternoon!

Me!...with small beer and newspaper!

Not that anyone will have noticed, but the dates on the pictures on my blog have been wrong. I can assure you that they have all (apart from Bang Kwang) been taken on the day I put them on here, it's just I forgot to check the date on my camera, but I think it's sorted now...just in case anyone thought it strange!

Finally for today, last night I was sat in the garden of my little B&B I am staying in, and was reading an article in a magazine, and I read a quote that was written by the late Steve Jobs, and I though yes, that's me! So to end today here it is....

"You can have anything, but you can't have everything. Work out what's important to you then pursue it with all of your heart"

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