Friday, 13 December 2013

Thai kickboxing....

Last night I thought a bit of Thai Muay Kickboxing was required, although for watching I hasten to add, not participating ... as don't want to show the Thais how to do it!!!!!
So went to the local Thai kickboxing arena (a good a place as any I suppose to watch this type of thing).
So paid B600 (£12), and got my ringside seat. I paid B600 for VIP seat instead of what they call a cheap seat for B400. What you get extra? A table in front of you, a cushion on your seat, a ringside seat, and a personal waiter to sell you drinks! So for an extra £4 I though this was worth it!
There were 6 fights in all, 5 for guys, and 1 that involved 2 young lady's.
There are 5 rounds with each one I think lasting 3 minutes, although I forgot to time them. The winner as far as I could learn, was either the one who didn't get knocked out by the opponents foot smashing into your face, or if both fighters were still upright at the end, the one that won I think was the one that inflicted the most punches, either by hand or foot on their opponent.

Young girl getting ready

2 young girls fighting Thai Kickboxing 

 The above 2 pictures shows the girls fight, the one with the blue top won as later on inflicted a kick to her apponents head which unfortunately knocked her unconscious, which I suppose was sufficient to end the fight!

Guy getting ready

Guy fighter doing the ritual before the fight

2 guys smacking hell out of each other

 So that was the end of last night as it finished about midnight. So then to bed.... Which wasn't good!!!
 Upon getting ready for bed, there is this little balcony in my room,that allows you to dry your towel
on a bit of string. So after my shower I opened the door the put my wet towel on my clothes line! Big mistake!
Note to self: when in room don't open outside balcony door without switching outside light on, as when you open outside door, inside light is on and therefore brighter than outside. This then invites any lizards etc to follow the light... inside...

So this bloody lizard shot in to my room, it wasn't invited, didn't want it there and wasn't welcome. So spent the next hr trying to catch said lizard ... but failed ... so lizard and me had to spend the night together in the same room!
Anyway on inspection this morning, lizard has found a new home under my fridge ... so my thoughts here are, lizard was here in this B&B before me, although not paying his/her rent, we will have to put up with each other's company, at least until Sunday morning, when I depart to Bangkok..... needless to say without my new mate ... Lizard!

Today I went and picked up my 2 drawings, after 14hrs of hard drawing, the least I can do is take them home.
So this afternoon decided to just wander around Chiang Mai, and came across this little puss having a drink...

Little Puss!

Also saw 2 lady's sweeping the road, so that why the roads are much better kept here than in England. In England all the roadsides are full of litter, in Thailand not. We pay Council Tax, Thai's don't ..... there is something a bit wrong there..... ERYC, we need more litter pickers! and I for 1 would be more than happy to apply for the job!

Road Sweepers!

 So after working up an appetite, I went for tea. This time another new roadside cafe, yes you've guessed, stir fried pork, but this time with noodles and oyster sauce, and a drink, all for B40 (80p)

Stir Fried Pork

Little Cafe

So the end of the day is near, me outside room on a little bench doing this blog post, and lizard in snug in my room .... lovely!!!!!

Tomorrow again not doing much, as will be packing as leaving Chiang Mai for Bangkok first thing Sunday morning on Nok Airways, the plane with a smiley face!

See you tomorrow .... Nite nite !

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  1. I have heard of this Thai boxing that it is very interesting and challenging. I learned Boxing in Connecticut and now wanna learn this Thai boxing. Is there any difference between the both?