Tuesday, 10 December 2013

River cruise.....and Rambo!

Last time I was in Chiang Mai I wanted to go up the Ping River on a little boat, but last time I arrived it was closed!
So this time I thought I would make sure, so with the help of my tour guide Rattana, I popped onto I think what they call a rice barge, and sail up the river for a couple of hrs.

Ping River in Chiang Mai

 Along the way there were some fantastic sights, mainly showing the way Thai's live. Just a simple bamboo home on the side of the river makes them a very happy Thai family.

A Bamboo family home

During this trip we passed many homes like the one above, and if there were any Thais looking, they waved...and smiled! If we saw anyone wave...and especially smile, in England I think we would think they had gone a bit funny....and in certain parts (won't mention them on here) in a City near were I live, if you smile at someone you don't know, you probably get accused of smiling and then you get a smack in the face! Why can't we be a lot more like the Thais !!!!!

Another Rice Barge passing...

 After the first leg of the cruise, we then stopped at a farm for a drink and some fruit which was part of the trip, and I met this cute little piggy.....isn't he lovely, although I think this was the female, the poor bloke in the relationship was only half her size!

Little piggy

Anyway, then as we walked through parts of the farm which is also part of a Thai forest....I saw it! Yes it was there! The most amazing sight I have seen whilst here!.......

Yes you have guessed (or probably not)....it was a snake pit ... And not just an ordinary snake pit...
but one that was in one of the most fantastic amazing series of films ever ..yep...RAMBO!

So after I had got myself together after this amazing find! (Best write note to Sue, my lovely girlfriend)

*Note to Sue - me being close to somewhere that was on Rambo, is like you being close to that starship thing or that plastic man next to the polystyrene rock that you get all excited with when watching Star Trek (note to Sue ended).

Rambo's snake pit

 So after the excitement wore down a little, one decided to make some rice, or at least do what I'm doing in below picture, which is part of making rice...

Me and rice!

 So to the second part of the trip, which consisted of going the other way, back to were we started. Then lunch....
Now I have over the last few weeks here, seen noodle shops. So when I saw one today, thought I will have to try one, as if not will wonder what you do, or indeed what they are...

So if ever you have wondered.... They sell noodles! and this one, only one type, beef noodles! So after being shown what you do, because trying to get noodles out of a bowl of soup, with chopsticks...well it ain't easy! So what you do, is get both chopsticks together, point down into the bowl and turn around, which then amazingly collects the noddles, which you then place in your mouth....easy when you know how!

My Beef Noodles...

So back to B&B, then I went off to do some shopping, although failed again, so will have to try again tomorrow...

Going to have tea now....Pizza!

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