Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Nearly time for home.....

Tomorrow I will be packing for the 5th and last time....ready for home! Then after a 12hr and 1hr flights, I will be back where I belong....so instead of relaxing, bit of sunbathing, eating lovely street Thai food (including yummy insects) and visiting some lovely Thai places and seeing all those great Thai smiles, I will be at home doing all the chores my lovely 'other half' has got ready for me to do, including picking up poo (of the horse variety)! But I am looking forward to it...I am ready for home!

Not much done today, got up late, sunbathed and just had tea! Although hopefully supper later will be a visit to my favourite bug stall, if he's there! ... fingers crossed!

In all of Thailand, but more predominately here in Bangkok, it's amazing the different types of housing and living conditions there are, all together. The following few pics were all taken from the roof of the hotel, all people living in the same area, to slightly different standards!

The more basic accommodation!

After I took the above photo, I then saw on the little shed thing on the roof, 1 Thai doing some ironing, and the other hanging washing out, and although I couldn't see, I bet they were smiling!

A lovely home for 1 family!

High rise Condo's 

 So sunbathe had, although not a long one as clouds arrived! So off for tea I went, for a change one had Pork with oyster sauce...

Pork with Oyster Sauce

 and with fish sauce......gorgeous!

Fish Sauce!

Anyway, tonight brings a little walk down Sukhumvit Road, to my bug seller on Soi 4, then bed... tomorrow.... packing!

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