Saturday, 14 December 2013

Nearly died!

Ok, the title may be a bit dramatic, but I nearly did! (Don't worry mother I am still alive).

Not much done today as last day in Chiang Mai, so just been walking about. So this post will update you on my near death episode last night!

I was sat in my little bar I use, as the owner is lovely as are all her staff, they have a big television to watch football, and they make lovely pizza, for the times one needs a change from lovely Thai food.

Note to self and others: if you are going to do something and something in your mind says to do it a certain way, take note. Last night I was setting off and normally not a blokes thing, but had to decide what shoes to wear! Something told me I didn't want to wear flip flops, but again being a bloke, didn't take any notice of this saying in my mind ... so flip flops I wore!

Anyway back to my little story! I was sat in my little bar, and suddenly there was this commotion about 1 metre from my feet, and as I was sat on a bar stool, my feet were on the floor! I didn't have any idea what was going on, apart from the Thai's seemed a little concerned, and to those who know Thai's, when they get concerned, something shit is happening, as they are normally very very happy and easy going!

Anyway, after said commotion had died down, a plastic cup was then taken away, with something in it, that had been very close to my foot. One of the bar staff then came up to me to make sure I was ok, but obviously said yes, as didn't have a clue what was going on!

Then they emptied to plastic cup with contents on he pool table ..... and out dropped a Scorpion! Now unlike my lovely girlfriend Sue who knows all thing insect like, as she is a curriculum leader in Animal Management at Bishop Burton College, I do know that you don't mess with these things, but don't really understand how poisonous they are, so will have to ask her if I could have died, had it stung me!

Anyway, after all the staff made sure I was still alive, probably because at this moment, I hadn't paid my bill, the owner brought some scissors and cut off the Scorpions tail, or at least the bit that can kill you!

So I am here to live another day, so that hopefully will keep my lovely Mother and lovely girlfriend Sue happy! .... thats if they love me more than my life insurance!

Scorpion with stingy thing attached!

Scorpion without stingy thing!

Bar owner with Scorpion .... on her breast!

So after the little excitement, I had my pizza. I do like this bar as I am here now writing this post for my blog, but after saying hi to a massive rat, and now a scorpion, I think maybe it's a sign to say one needs to have a beer elsewhere! But no, I am here to live the tale... So another pizza will be had in a few minutes....

Tomorrow depart to Bangkok, for my last 4 days in Thailand, before I venture home to my loved ones, and my great part time job, of being a plod, which I also miss lots!

See you in Bangkok ......

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  1. Hi Howard,
    From your blog, I can see just how much you love Thailand (even from your close call with the scorpion!). Hope your plans go well in preparation for your next visit. If there's any information you need, do get in touch - Dan (Chiang Mai)