Sunday, 1 December 2013

In my little B&B now...

When I started booking my latest trip to Chaing Mai, I was going to stay in an apartment for a few weeks, to see whether at some time, would I be able to adapt to whatever living conditions I could afford.
After a bit of research, I fund that it was possible to live here, instead of in an apartment, but in a B&B. I know everywhere has B&B's including Thailand, but I mean it was possible cost wise.
An apartment with a studio layout, usually in an out of town location costs approx B10,000 (£200) per month plus water and electricity, so in total approx B12,000 (£240) per month. On top of that you have travel costs due to location which probably would be 2 tuk tuk rides a day @ B50 so that's approx another B3000 (£60) per month. Total approx B15,000 (£300) per month.
Anyway my B&B, it's located in the centre of Chiang Mai, called CM Bluehouse. It's owned by a very friendly French guy and his fellow countryman called David. I met Fred on arrival and he's without a doubt the most friendly guy I have met here. The room is very basic, but it has a bed, fridge, bathroom and small balcony so what could anyone want more. Costs are from B350 (£7) per night, but I have added the cost of A/C (and the fridge) so it costs me B500 per night, so as you can see, the same cost as an apartment.
So here I am for 2 weeks. Not doing much of anything. It has a good Wi-Fi (proved if you are reading this) and has excellent food stalls outside on the road, were a meal costs B30 (60p). It also has a very peaceful little garden, with a fridge for you to help yourselves to a drink, and you write it down in a little book (you won't find anywhere else that does that)...also, some people wouldn't like, but thinking about it, it makes sense, to keep the cost of a night down to dormetry prices, your little room is only cleaned every 5 days, and then only if you me an ingenious idea, so for the next 2 weeks I won't be waking up to a knock at the door, with someone shouting 'CLEANING LADY' ...I can have a lie in!!!!.....bliss!

My room!

A lovely hammock in the garden!

Were I am now beer!

Anyway enough of ones accommodation. Just been for breakfast, even though it now is 15:45hrs. Since I had just arrived I decided to have a full English, and just managed to eat it all, and only for B100 (£2) incl coffee, orange juice...and the big smile!!! When you are on your own here, it is lonely, however one thing that helps, and does make a difference, is the big smiles (worth £2 just for that)
and it certainly makes you feel a lot better, especially when you miss home!
One thing I did see, so will have to try tomorrow for breakfast is grilled fish, looks like Sea Bass. It smelled absolutely gorgeous...garlic, basil, chilli, and no doubt many more lovely Thai spices!

My Full English...

Tomorrow's Thai breakfast!

So the day is nearly ending, may stay up to watch football, as Hull City on TV tonight, other than that, a 60p tea, then bed...then up without the 'cleaning lady' rattling on the door! 
Although one thing I did see whilst having a little walk earlier, a 5hr foot massage course...then I can practice and treat Sue with my new found skill when I get home.....if she'll let me!!!!

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