Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Homeward bound ....

Well tomorrow I am going home, which will be lovely..... so today haven't done much, as got up, had Full English in hotel (last chance as leaving too early for breakfast in the morning, so will be treating myself to a McThai Breafast Bap or 2 at the airport)
Last night had a final walk along Sukhumvit Road, which is full at both sides on the path with street vendors, selling all things including t-shirts, fake rolex's, fake Viagra, and a few stalls selling handguns, knuckledusters and machine guns .... as you do!!!!! Got a pici of a machine gun but best not post it on here!

Sukhumvit Sign

Xmas tree

Don't know how, but for some reason on my iPad, the lights on the tree above are flickering, if they are also on your computer, I have no idea how that happened! Amazing!

 One place I always said I would call in and see, was a notorious Bangkok coffee shop called
Thermae. But never really was able to find it. Anyway last night a was just looking along Sukhumvit, and there it was. But there's always a next time now I know were it is, as I believe when you go in here, you don't come out without spending loads of Baht's on Lady drinks, and this time in Thailand one is watching ones budget, so no money for expensive lady drinks .... but I took a photo of the sign instead!

Thermae Coffee Shop

So next it was tea time as was starving. So with a long flight tomorrow decided best option for reducing chance of me being ill on the flight, due to eating some dodgy chicken... I opted for pizza....

Pepperoni Pizza

 So now full, had one last walk down Soi Cowboy. This time i wanted to take some pictures of the neon signs (the young lady's don't like having their picture taken anyway) and this amazing name for ... yes you have guessed, a Go-Go bar with just Ladyboy's inside!!!!! fantastic name!

Bangkok Ladyboys

Suzi Wong Go-Go Bar

So then decided to have 1 last beer in Bangkok, and as I had become a little peckish, had a crispy pork snack!

Crispy Pork

 So now will do packing, then probably steak for tea then bed as up at 4am in the morning....

Thailand is without doubt one, if not the, most wonderful country on earth. The weather is great, the food is amazing, the people are happy and smiling all the time, it's safer here than England, and it's a lot cheaper .... however, when your loved ones are at home, it's also very lonely. So soon homeward bound, back to being part-time Plod, and picking up Horse Poo! But most importantly back to those I love...
So bye bye Thailand, I will be back sometime. I hope anyone who has been following my little blog has found it interesting. If you at anytime feel you may wish to visit this amazing country, and maybe want a few ideas of what to do, please don't hesitate to contact me on and I will be more than happy to help if I can...

Nite nite
Howard Waudby

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