Sunday, 15 December 2013

Goodbye Chiang Mai .....

My 3 weeks in Chiang Mai now over, so I head to Bangkok for my final 4 nights before home ....

Before I leave though, I thought after all my 'Full English' breakfasts I have had whilst been here, I would have a change, and have a Thai breakfast. So I treat myself to a 'Thai boiled rice with pork soup', and to be fair, it was lovely, very lovely...... all for B40 (80p).

Thai breakfast

So farewell Chiang Mai .... and  I head to the  airport for my flight on Nok Airways, a great little Thai airline company that I always use for internal flights, and what great smiling faces they have on their planes as you can see from the one I flew in today....

Whilst in Chiang Mai airport, I decided to treat my self again (Sue, look away now!) so I had a McThai McDonalds breakfast muffin ..... absolute heaven!

McThai Muffin

My planes tail

My planes smiling face!

 So arrived in Bangkok..... As only here for 4 nights I decided to treat myself to a nice hotel, so for the price of less than a night in an English Travelodge, I found this place on Tripadvisor, and it's got a pool, on the roof, overlooking Bangkok's skyline .... although probably not much swimming or sunbathing, as the next 2 days it's going to piss it down, never mind!

Nice rooftop pool

Hungry now so know this pub around the corner that sells something I haven't had whilst been here, it's called the Queen Vic, and it sells a lovely Rump Steak, so that's were I am going now......

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