Thursday, 12 December 2013

Drawing course....

This little post is a short one today, as didn't have Full English (Sue..take note, I am going healthy as had some pineapple instead whilst I walked to my drawing course!) .... well done me !
I wanted today to finish my watercolour of the Thai house....
I arrived at 10am for the final 2hrs .... but time flew by, as I finished at 3pm, not 12 as planned!
I wasn't happy with my trees, and still really not happy, but as this was my first ever attempt at this type of thing, I suppose I can't expect too much, although Sue has said I need to take this up as my new hobby when I get home, which is probably a reason to keep me quiet and amused, and out of harms way at home! .... bless her!

My finished 1st Water Colour!

 I know it isn't a Picasso, but it's mine, my first attempt, so I am proud of it... which is the main thing, whether my lovely Mother who says I can draw feels the same is another thing! although she will say its good even if it isn't , as that is what mothers do!
So I go back tomorrow to pick it up, as it needs to dry! Then I can take it home. It can then take pride of place somewhere, or as I said before, Sue can use it to start our coal fire!

So after 5hrs of concentration, I needed food, so I found a nice restaurant near to Thaphae Gate, as I went there to collect my ticket for tonight's Muay Thai Kickboxing which I am going to at 9pm. So hopefully some pics of that on tomorrow's blog post!

So for lunch, had Stir Fried Pork with Oyster Sauce, and Thai Green Curry.... absolutely gorgeous..

Stir Fried Pork

A beer and newspaper!

Thai Green Curry

So an hour or so snug on my bed, then up ready for Thai Kickboxing.....

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