Saturday, 7 December 2013

An englishmans!!

As you can probably realise, today's brings a game of football...Chiang Mai FC v Nakhonnayok FC at the 700yr Old Stadium in Chiang Mai....
The last game of the season, and the only one whilst I am here in Chaing Mai, so what better way to spend the day...
So after a great Full English for breakfast, I head off to the stadium...

I arrive and have to decide what seat to have, never having frequented this stadium before, decide on the top level, ultra expensive posh after spending B100 (£2) on the ticket, I arrive in the posh end.
First impression is, we need in England to learn from this experience.!! Best stand, already loads of chanting, drums all over the stadium, stewards not telling you to sit down, food and beer allowed in the stadium...shall I carry on...the KC at Hull...not the same!...this is football at its best!

Part of the stadium allows the Chiang Mai Ultras to bang drums, shout and do what Ultras do (those in the football know how know what these guys are about)...

Chiang Mai Ultras!

 Anyway then the mascot arrives...a tiger! Because it's the Chiang Mai mascot, and what a lovely mascot he was...
Chiang Mai Mascot

 Anyway, back to the game, there was a little security, which to be fair you didn't want to upset. As you can see from my zoomed in image, the lovely guy was carrying something you don't mess with, least of all in Thailand....

An Army Guy.....

Looking around the stadium, there were several different areas of the different fan bases related to Chiang Mai FC, as well as the 'Ultras' I also saw this group, which said they were 'Hardcore' I suppose another set of supporters you done want to mess with!

Something 18+

Then the away fans, there weren't many of them to be fair, but the noise they made, the flares they used and the passion they had, and the violence they didn't all! Made them without doubt the most wonderful exciting to watch set of away fans I have ever seen....why have we got it so wrong and unable to make this sort of excitement in the English game....

Away Fans....fantastic!

Although the away fans were chanting all of the game, the home fans were even more noisy, all well behaved, noisy, excited, colourful, great to I need to say more....sorry but I have been to many a match in Hull (since it's move to the KC it's boring, the atmosphere at their old stadium Boothferry Park was great) and at the KC it's like watching a game of bowls next to a bloke with a flask! We need to learn that you can have a good time at a football match without being 
told by a steward to 'sit down' and behave, just because you may have the urge to cheer your team on!!

Home Fans...chanting all the game!!

Well behaved...but enjoying and chanting...all the game!

 The final score, we won 2-1. I say we, but to be fair first time been at a game, so can't really call me a die-hard fan!

The Final Score!

The ground!

The Posh End!

So a great experience was had, although it did take me ages to get home to my B&B, but probably because it was my first time watching CMFC, so didn't really know we're to get a taxi! Anyhow, the experience was good, very good. Well done Thai football!

After the game as I said, I was waiting for a Tuk Tuk, which took hours (hence the late blog post) and whist waiting I passed a bus in the car was a nightclub on wheels, even I thought it was loud and my loved one Sue says I'm a little hard of hearing at times!

Disco bus!

So back to Chiang Mai for my tea, then bed...nite nite....

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