Monday, 9 December 2013

A massage course!

Last week I became the new Picasso, today became a masseur! The skills I am learning will put me in good stead when I am home now to draw Barney and Polly and massage Sue's feet! They sure are going to regret my new skills, but hopefully not!

Anyway first Job this morning, my Alpen for my breakfast....however I gave up on that guess what....I opted for Full English! But this time took an healthy option, I had fruit also!

My great Full English!

My fruit!

 So all full up, I then walked to my Massage course, called Aree Massage Course! On arrival I met Aree (pici later). There were 2 of us today, myself and Hannah, an American lady....we were to practice on each other....poor Hannah!

So after Aree demonstrated the art of Thai foot massage on Hannah, and went through the the course booklet, it was Hannah's turn to practice on me. So I laid on the couch and let her practice, and to be fair she was very good! So after about 30mins of blissful massage we broke for lunch. So off to a little restaurant I use close by, for something to eat. I had Pork Phad Thai and Pork Thai soup, absolutely gorgeous, cost....B90 (£1.80).

My lunch Phad Thai

Also had Pork Soup for lunch!

So back to the course, it was then my turn to practice on Hannah. I think to be fair I didn't do to bad! Aree said I did very well. Although the massage took about 50mins on Hannah's right foot (Aree did Hannah's left foot earlier) when I had finished, it did take Aree a while to wake Hannah up, as she has slept through it all. So my thoughts here is that I was that good she went into a lovely blissful sleep!

Our massage couch!

Aree and Hannah!

The location and sign!

So I very good and worthwhile 5hrs was had. I can now practice on Sue, and if she wants a night off,  Barney our lovely dog will get his paws massaged instead!!

So  then off to see what others can do, so I opted for an hour foot massage near my B&B, for the
fantastic price of B170 (£3.40).

Now it's tea time as starving so decided on pizza. So will have that to end the day's activities.

Tomorrow brings a day with my tour guide Rattana, then tomorrow night a little shopping, as I failed on that one at last nights awful Sunday Walking Street Market (see yesterday's post)...

Nite nite till tomorrow, only just over a week until I am home....which although Thailand is a most fantastic place to be, my loved ones are at home, so that's were I belong!

Ps: just checking my blog post, and as I'm sat in my chair in this little bar I use, there is this Thai spirit house, in the corner of my eye something I looked around expecting a bird or something, well there is this massive f****** rat looking at me.....think I'll move to the other side of the bar!!!!!

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