Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Homeward bound ....

Well tomorrow I am going home, which will be lovely..... so today haven't done much, as got up, had Full English in hotel (last chance as leaving too early for breakfast in the morning, so will be treating myself to a McThai Breafast Bap or 2 at the airport)
Last night had a final walk along Sukhumvit Road, which is full at both sides on the path with street vendors, selling all things including t-shirts, fake rolex's, fake Viagra, and a few stalls selling handguns, knuckledusters and machine guns .... as you do!!!!! Got a pici of a machine gun but best not post it on here!

Sukhumvit Sign

Xmas tree

Don't know how, but for some reason on my iPad, the lights on the tree above are flickering, if they are also on your computer, I have no idea how that happened! Amazing!

 One place I always said I would call in and see, was a notorious Bangkok coffee shop called
Thermae. But never really was able to find it. Anyway last night a was just looking along Sukhumvit, and there it was. But there's always a next time now I know were it is, as I believe when you go in here, you don't come out without spending loads of Baht's on Lady drinks, and this time in Thailand one is watching ones budget, so no money for expensive lady drinks .... but I took a photo of the sign instead!

Thermae Coffee Shop

So next it was tea time as was starving. So with a long flight tomorrow decided best option for reducing chance of me being ill on the flight, due to eating some dodgy chicken... I opted for pizza....

Pepperoni Pizza

 So now full, had one last walk down Soi Cowboy. This time i wanted to take some pictures of the neon signs (the young lady's don't like having their picture taken anyway) and this amazing name for ... yes you have guessed, a Go-Go bar with just Ladyboy's inside!!!!! fantastic name!

Bangkok Ladyboys

Suzi Wong Go-Go Bar

So then decided to have 1 last beer in Bangkok, and as I had become a little peckish, had a crispy pork snack!

Crispy Pork

 So now will do packing, then probably steak for tea then bed as up at 4am in the morning....

Thailand is without doubt one, if not the, most wonderful country on earth. The weather is great, the food is amazing, the people are happy and smiling all the time, it's safer here than England, and it's a lot cheaper .... however, when your loved ones are at home, it's also very lonely. So soon homeward bound, back to being part-time Plod, and picking up Horse Poo! But most importantly back to those I love...
So bye bye Thailand, I will be back sometime. I hope anyone who has been following my little blog has found it interesting. If you at anytime feel you may wish to visit this amazing country, and maybe want a few ideas of what to do, please don't hesitate to contact me on and I will be more than happy to help if I can...

Nite nite
Howard Waudby

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Nearly time for home.....

Tomorrow I will be packing for the 5th and last time....ready for home! Then after a 12hr and 1hr flights, I will be back where I instead of relaxing, bit of sunbathing, eating lovely street Thai food (including yummy insects) and visiting some lovely Thai places and seeing all those great Thai smiles, I will be at home doing all the chores my lovely 'other half' has got ready for me to do, including picking up poo (of the horse variety)! But I am looking forward to it...I am ready for home!

Not much done today, got up late, sunbathed and just had tea! Although hopefully supper later will be a visit to my favourite bug stall, if he's there! ... fingers crossed!

In all of Thailand, but more predominately here in Bangkok, it's amazing the different types of housing and living conditions there are, all together. The following few pics were all taken from the roof of the hotel, all people living in the same area, to slightly different standards!

The more basic accommodation!

After I took the above photo, I then saw on the little shed thing on the roof, 1 Thai doing some ironing, and the other hanging washing out, and although I couldn't see, I bet they were smiling!

A lovely home for 1 family!

High rise Condo's 

 So sunbathe had, although not a long one as clouds arrived! So off for tea I went, for a change one had Pork with oyster sauce...

Pork with Oyster Sauce

 and with fish sauce......gorgeous!

Fish Sauce!

Anyway, tonight brings a little walk down Sukhumvit Road, to my bug seller on Soi 4, then bed... tomorrow.... packing!

Monday, 16 December 2013

my steak .... And Soi Cowboy

So last night I was on my way to have my tea when I last wrote .... and a great steak was had, although had the standard one as fillet was B850 (£17) so opted for the one a third of that price.

My scrummy steak

 The place I had my steak had live football, which was a bonus, so I watched the Man Utd v Aston Villa match
Queen Vic, watching football

So once I was full up, before bed, I though as it's just a few metres away I would just have a walk down Soi Cowboy. This little street was set up in the Vietnam war era, a place for the American GI's to have R&R. it's probably changed in a little since those days, however it is still a little wild.

So after a few minutes of walking around and taking a picture of local Thai Plod, I had 1 beer back in the Queen Vic, then bed!

Soi Cowboy

Young lady's on Soi Cowboy

Another Go-Go establishment on Soi Cowboy

Thai Plod

Today haven't done a great deal, had a little walk around then sat near the pool even though no sun, although it hasn't rained. Spent the last hour chatting to 2 middle aged Yanks that have just arrived in Thailand this afternoon on their very first visit, so after mistakingly saying I had been a few times, they wanted to know all the do's and dont's about being in Thailand, so they are now very happy with a lot more knowledge from me, to allow then to enjoy their stay!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Goodbye Chiang Mai .....

My 3 weeks in Chiang Mai now over, so I head to Bangkok for my final 4 nights before home ....

Before I leave though, I thought after all my 'Full English' breakfasts I have had whilst been here, I would have a change, and have a Thai breakfast. So I treat myself to a 'Thai boiled rice with pork soup', and to be fair, it was lovely, very lovely...... all for B40 (80p).

Thai breakfast

So farewell Chiang Mai .... and  I head to the  airport for my flight on Nok Airways, a great little Thai airline company that I always use for internal flights, and what great smiling faces they have on their planes as you can see from the one I flew in today....

Whilst in Chiang Mai airport, I decided to treat my self again (Sue, look away now!) so I had a McThai McDonalds breakfast muffin ..... absolute heaven!

McThai Muffin

My planes tail

My planes smiling face!

 So arrived in Bangkok..... As only here for 4 nights I decided to treat myself to a nice hotel, so for the price of less than a night in an English Travelodge, I found this place on Tripadvisor, and it's got a pool, on the roof, overlooking Bangkok's skyline .... although probably not much swimming or sunbathing, as the next 2 days it's going to piss it down, never mind!

Nice rooftop pool

Hungry now so know this pub around the corner that sells something I haven't had whilst been here, it's called the Queen Vic, and it sells a lovely Rump Steak, so that's were I am going now......

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Nearly died!

Ok, the title may be a bit dramatic, but I nearly did! (Don't worry mother I am still alive).

Not much done today as last day in Chiang Mai, so just been walking about. So this post will update you on my near death episode last night!

I was sat in my little bar I use, as the owner is lovely as are all her staff, they have a big television to watch football, and they make lovely pizza, for the times one needs a change from lovely Thai food.

Note to self and others: if you are going to do something and something in your mind says to do it a certain way, take note. Last night I was setting off and normally not a blokes thing, but had to decide what shoes to wear! Something told me I didn't want to wear flip flops, but again being a bloke, didn't take any notice of this saying in my mind ... so flip flops I wore!

Anyway back to my little story! I was sat in my little bar, and suddenly there was this commotion about 1 metre from my feet, and as I was sat on a bar stool, my feet were on the floor! I didn't have any idea what was going on, apart from the Thai's seemed a little concerned, and to those who know Thai's, when they get concerned, something shit is happening, as they are normally very very happy and easy going!

Anyway, after said commotion had died down, a plastic cup was then taken away, with something in it, that had been very close to my foot. One of the bar staff then came up to me to make sure I was ok, but obviously said yes, as didn't have a clue what was going on!

Then they emptied to plastic cup with contents on he pool table ..... and out dropped a Scorpion! Now unlike my lovely girlfriend Sue who knows all thing insect like, as she is a curriculum leader in Animal Management at Bishop Burton College, I do know that you don't mess with these things, but don't really understand how poisonous they are, so will have to ask her if I could have died, had it stung me!

Anyway, after all the staff made sure I was still alive, probably because at this moment, I hadn't paid my bill, the owner brought some scissors and cut off the Scorpions tail, or at least the bit that can kill you!

So I am here to live another day, so that hopefully will keep my lovely Mother and lovely girlfriend Sue happy! .... thats if they love me more than my life insurance!

Scorpion with stingy thing attached!

Scorpion without stingy thing!

Bar owner with Scorpion .... on her breast!

So after the little excitement, I had my pizza. I do like this bar as I am here now writing this post for my blog, but after saying hi to a massive rat, and now a scorpion, I think maybe it's a sign to say one needs to have a beer elsewhere! But no, I am here to live the tale... So another pizza will be had in a few minutes....

Tomorrow depart to Bangkok, for my last 4 days in Thailand, before I venture home to my loved ones, and my great part time job, of being a plod, which I also miss lots!

See you in Bangkok ......

Friday, 13 December 2013

Thai kickboxing....

Last night I thought a bit of Thai Muay Kickboxing was required, although for watching I hasten to add, not participating ... as don't want to show the Thais how to do it!!!!!
So went to the local Thai kickboxing arena (a good a place as any I suppose to watch this type of thing).
So paid B600 (£12), and got my ringside seat. I paid B600 for VIP seat instead of what they call a cheap seat for B400. What you get extra? A table in front of you, a cushion on your seat, a ringside seat, and a personal waiter to sell you drinks! So for an extra £4 I though this was worth it!
There were 6 fights in all, 5 for guys, and 1 that involved 2 young lady's.
There are 5 rounds with each one I think lasting 3 minutes, although I forgot to time them. The winner as far as I could learn, was either the one who didn't get knocked out by the opponents foot smashing into your face, or if both fighters were still upright at the end, the one that won I think was the one that inflicted the most punches, either by hand or foot on their opponent.

Young girl getting ready

2 young girls fighting Thai Kickboxing 

 The above 2 pictures shows the girls fight, the one with the blue top won as later on inflicted a kick to her apponents head which unfortunately knocked her unconscious, which I suppose was sufficient to end the fight!

Guy getting ready

Guy fighter doing the ritual before the fight

2 guys smacking hell out of each other

 So that was the end of last night as it finished about midnight. So then to bed.... Which wasn't good!!!
 Upon getting ready for bed, there is this little balcony in my room,that allows you to dry your towel
on a bit of string. So after my shower I opened the door the put my wet towel on my clothes line! Big mistake!
Note to self: when in room don't open outside balcony door without switching outside light on, as when you open outside door, inside light is on and therefore brighter than outside. This then invites any lizards etc to follow the light... inside...

So this bloody lizard shot in to my room, it wasn't invited, didn't want it there and wasn't welcome. So spent the next hr trying to catch said lizard ... but failed ... so lizard and me had to spend the night together in the same room!
Anyway on inspection this morning, lizard has found a new home under my fridge ... so my thoughts here are, lizard was here in this B&B before me, although not paying his/her rent, we will have to put up with each other's company, at least until Sunday morning, when I depart to Bangkok..... needless to say without my new mate ... Lizard!

Today I went and picked up my 2 drawings, after 14hrs of hard drawing, the least I can do is take them home.
So this afternoon decided to just wander around Chiang Mai, and came across this little puss having a drink...

Little Puss!

Also saw 2 lady's sweeping the road, so that why the roads are much better kept here than in England. In England all the roadsides are full of litter, in Thailand not. We pay Council Tax, Thai's don't ..... there is something a bit wrong there..... ERYC, we need more litter pickers! and I for 1 would be more than happy to apply for the job!

Road Sweepers!

 So after working up an appetite, I went for tea. This time another new roadside cafe, yes you've guessed, stir fried pork, but this time with noodles and oyster sauce, and a drink, all for B40 (80p)

Stir Fried Pork

Little Cafe

So the end of the day is near, me outside room on a little bench doing this blog post, and lizard in snug in my room .... lovely!!!!!

Tomorrow again not doing much, as will be packing as leaving Chiang Mai for Bangkok first thing Sunday morning on Nok Airways, the plane with a smiley face!

See you tomorrow .... Nite nite !

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Drawing course....

This little post is a short one today, as didn't have Full English (Sue..take note, I am going healthy as had some pineapple instead whilst I walked to my drawing course!) .... well done me !
I wanted today to finish my watercolour of the Thai house....
I arrived at 10am for the final 2hrs .... but time flew by, as I finished at 3pm, not 12 as planned!
I wasn't happy with my trees, and still really not happy, but as this was my first ever attempt at this type of thing, I suppose I can't expect too much, although Sue has said I need to take this up as my new hobby when I get home, which is probably a reason to keep me quiet and amused, and out of harms way at home! .... bless her!

My finished 1st Water Colour!

 I know it isn't a Picasso, but it's mine, my first attempt, so I am proud of it... which is the main thing, whether my lovely Mother who says I can draw feels the same is another thing! although she will say its good even if it isn't , as that is what mothers do!
So I go back tomorrow to pick it up, as it needs to dry! Then I can take it home. It can then take pride of place somewhere, or as I said before, Sue can use it to start our coal fire!

So after 5hrs of concentration, I needed food, so I found a nice restaurant near to Thaphae Gate, as I went there to collect my ticket for tonight's Muay Thai Kickboxing which I am going to at 9pm. So hopefully some pics of that on tomorrow's blog post!

So for lunch, had Stir Fried Pork with Oyster Sauce, and Thai Green Curry.... absolutely gorgeous..

Stir Fried Pork

A beer and newspaper!

Thai Green Curry

So an hour or so snug on my bed, then up ready for Thai Kickboxing.....

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Feeding the fish....then Market!

Got up late as forgot to put alarm on, but as hadn't planned anything for today (apart from another attempt to buying presents for my loved ones at home) it didn't matter!.. So off to breakfast....
As I have only 1 week left here now, and when home will be not able to have Full English every day (although I'm not saying I'm not allowed, its just that rightly so I take notice of what Sue my lovely girlfriend says I can eat, to a certain extent, and Full English every day won't be allowed, and I can fully understand that, as Alpen is better for you)

Full English....again!

 So after filling ones tummy, I set off for Warorot Market and then the Night Bazaar. On the way I go over the moat surrounding the Old Town and see my little fish/bird food seller that I used last time
here, so decided to have a relaxing 20mins feeding the fish and the birds.
For B10 (20p) I bought a packet of food for them and sat down near the moat! You can see the fish in the moat , but when you throw the food in, they obviously come to the surface and fight for it....amazing...
Also there are hundreds of pigeons, so they got their share of food from me also!

Pigeons on my hand!

Another Pigeon....

Amazing Fish....

Fish getting breakfast!

 So birds and fish fed, I then wander off to buy (or attempt to buy) some little presents. In Thailand, like most other countries, there is an abundance of things to buy. But this time rather than buying fake watches for £5 and wooden frogs that make a croaking sound, and also other fake stuff, I decided to just buy a little present that's a bit different for my loved ones.....and amazingly today I succeeded,
more to do with luck as I managed to stumble across the right little shops/stalls.
Although my lovely parents and lovely girlfriend have said all they want back is me safe (I am loved!) it's always nice to take a little something home for them...

Whilst walking around the Markets, I am always looking for different things to look at, smell and discover, especially in this amazing country....
Anyway came across this stall selling little fish....

Little Fish.....

And Chillies.....


 And....the most pungent, smelly fish in a bowl I have ever smelt...if this next picture was a 'scratch and sniff' photo, you would have your head in a bucket by now.... Which probably explains why when I attempted to smell it, I at the time couldn't understand why some locals and stall holders started to wave at me and try for me to not smell it...I now know why... but as a lover of all things different bug
wise, you have got to do these things.... but by god it stunk!!!!
Anyway after inhaling the stink, and taking this photo, a couple of stall holders came up to me and patted me on the back, and one said 'not for foreigner to smell...not nice smell for them' ... not kidding, but at least it caused some excitement for all concerned, and great big lovely smiles from the Thai's ... even though it was at my expense... It's what travelling is all about... trying new things....

Don't think this stuff whatever it was will take off in England though!!!!

Smelly fish...

Anyway then back to Old town. On my way passed an outdoor Market, and with my love for Markets  saw this  fantastic flower arrangement..... One football team that do deserve to be called 'Tigers' .... Chiang Mai FC....


 Finally for today, I had a walk around this little Market and saw a stall selling crabs, a bit like the ones you see washed up on the beach at Bridlington.... May have to go get some next time at Sunny Brid!
Although couldn't decide whether they were cooked or not and on asking I got a blank stare, so
decided on this very rare occasion, not to eat something bug like!!!!


So end of another day in the Land of Smiles (especially when a foreigner decides to smell some fish that have been dead for a while!!!!!)

Tomorrow I am off to finish my latest Picasso, as not happy about the way my tree's look, so we will have to wait and see whether it's worth framing.... or good for Sue to start our coal fire with!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

River cruise.....and Rambo!

Last time I was in Chiang Mai I wanted to go up the Ping River on a little boat, but last time I arrived it was closed!
So this time I thought I would make sure, so with the help of my tour guide Rattana, I popped onto I think what they call a rice barge, and sail up the river for a couple of hrs.

Ping River in Chiang Mai

 Along the way there were some fantastic sights, mainly showing the way Thai's live. Just a simple bamboo home on the side of the river makes them a very happy Thai family.

A Bamboo family home

During this trip we passed many homes like the one above, and if there were any Thais looking, they waved...and smiled! If we saw anyone wave...and especially smile, in England I think we would think they had gone a bit funny....and in certain parts (won't mention them on here) in a City near were I live, if you smile at someone you don't know, you probably get accused of smiling and then you get a smack in the face! Why can't we be a lot more like the Thais !!!!!

Another Rice Barge passing...

 After the first leg of the cruise, we then stopped at a farm for a drink and some fruit which was part of the trip, and I met this cute little piggy.....isn't he lovely, although I think this was the female, the poor bloke in the relationship was only half her size!

Little piggy

Anyway, then as we walked through parts of the farm which is also part of a Thai forest....I saw it! Yes it was there! The most amazing sight I have seen whilst here!.......

Yes you have guessed (or probably not) was a snake pit ... And not just an ordinary snake pit...
but one that was in one of the most fantastic amazing series of films ever ..yep...RAMBO!

So after I had got myself together after this amazing find! (Best write note to Sue, my lovely girlfriend)

*Note to Sue - me being close to somewhere that was on Rambo, is like you being close to that starship thing or that plastic man next to the polystyrene rock that you get all excited with when watching Star Trek (note to Sue ended).

Rambo's snake pit

 So after the excitement wore down a little, one decided to make some rice, or at least do what I'm doing in below picture, which is part of making rice...

Me and rice!

 So to the second part of the trip, which consisted of going the other way, back to were we started. Then lunch....
Now I have over the last few weeks here, seen noodle shops. So when I saw one today, thought I will have to try one, as if not will wonder what you do, or indeed what they are...

So if ever you have wondered.... They sell noodles! and this one, only one type, beef noodles! So after being shown what you do, because trying to get noodles out of a bowl of soup, with chopsticks...well it ain't easy! So what you do, is get both chopsticks together, point down into the bowl and turn around, which then amazingly collects the noddles, which you then place in your mouth....easy when you know how!

My Beef Noodles...

So back to B&B, then I went off to do some shopping, although failed again, so will have to try again tomorrow...

Going to have tea now....Pizza!