Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Wat Phra Singh

As you can probably tell from the title, been to a Wat today. It is the most visited Wat in Chiang Mai and houses the most revered Buddha in the whole of Chiang Mai, it was built in 1345 by King Pa Yo. I then went for lunch at a local cafe (pici of me below having a Phad Thai)....which basically means rice noodles mixes with egg, flavoured with tamarind, fish sauce, chilli pepper and roasted peanuts then with a meat of your choice, usually pork or prawns....yummy, especially with an extra helping of fish sauce!!

After lunch went for a sunbathe at the swimming pool I found which was free, then off to my free massage, which was a foot massage today, which was fantastic, apart from the small blunt instrument the masseur pushes up on to the sole of your foot, damn well hurts, but I tried to keep my composure.

Off for tea now, so may have another Phad Thai for 60p as one has to keep ones expenses down because I want to buy something nice to take home for my lovely mother and my wonderful girlfriend....x

Wat Phra Singh

Me having my Phad Thai

Also today started my Thai language course, which to be fair, wasn't that successful. I think at one time my tutor Rattana wanted to scream and give up on me. After 2hrs only learnt two sentence's which was (I think) Sabay-Dee-Mai which means 'how are you' and Sabay-Dee-Krap which means 'I'm fine'. All I can say is thank god I can speak English, also I learnt my age...Sii-Sip-Kaaw which is 4 x 10 plus 9 (which of course is 49)....ohh well another day is nearly at an end, so must go have my Phad Thai...

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