Wednesday, 20 November 2013


No, the title doesn't mean I am having an horrendous time, it was what the Prison Correctional Museum was all about....
Before I went I understood a little about torture in our times, however, never thought humans could do some of the things depicted in the museum, to another human being. This was the site, and remaining buildings of the Maha Chai Prison, and showed types of torture used frequently in the Siam Ayutthaya period during the 14th to 18th century.
I only managed to take a small number of photo's, as the museum and grounds were controlled by Thai Police, and when they say you don't do something, you don't do it....however I did!....but was glad to get lens cap back on my camera as my old heart beat went a little faster!
It showed living conditions which had a 6' x 10' cell which housed about 20 persons...which isn't too different from today's Thai prisons like Bang Kwang and Lard Yao...however the torture that took place has stopped....thankfully
Why a human would cut open the top part of a mans scull (and I mean slice through from front to back, about an inch from the top of the head) then insert a red hot poker! Certainly an insight into something I never knew happened, or that it was ever possible to happen!!
As I walked through the old prison, I could imagine (although no one could ever fully imagine, obviously) the horrors that went on in those days.
One of the more recent ways of prisoner torture, which continued until recently, was by placing a human being in a ball made of I believe tree branches, then placing the prisoner curled up inside, then allowing it to be a football for an elephant to play with, and those of you who know a bit about elephants, they get bored very quickly. So at the time of boredom, which may have being only 5-10mins later, the elephant brought his front foot down on the ball a few times and slowly crushed the prisoner inside the ball....just for the sake of a bit of fun (except for the human being inside the ball that is)...see pici

Ball showing man inside curled up

One of the old prison towers, were armed guards stood

Anyway enough about torture, off for a £3 foot massage now, as after my prison visit yesterday, decided it would be a good idea to walk through Chinatown back to the main Hua Lampong train station, but instead of taking the direct route, I excised to walk through the backstreets of Chinatown. Now anyone reading this, depict your thoughts about what this would be like, and it was even more amazing than that! Very narrow streets full of what (but obviously wasn't) appeared to be opium dens, the place was filled with a smell on incense with the odd rat passing every now and again, on its way to do whatever rats do! word for it...Amazing...absolutely amazing. However got lost many times, which probably added to the excitement a little, and fully expected that Chinese man out of Hangover2 to jump out with his monkey!.....but he didn't! 

Off to find a little boat now for a little sail up the Klongs, something that depicts a cruise through the backwater rivers of England...not! Should be filled with the aromas of food, Incense and drains, and lovely Thai people waving at you and smiling (so definitely not England, as we don't smile much) and if we do, it's not the lovely lovely smile of a Thai...which is probably the most lovely smile in the world......

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