Friday, 15 November 2013

Suitcase Full!

Tried to get my very small amount of items I am taking with me into my very small 'carry-on' suitcase today....not good....will probably have to leave one of my 6 pairs of spare glasses at home...also my waterproof coat will have to stay behind.
When one has landed in Thailand I hope to post a blog article at least once a day if not more, so anyone interested in seeing some of the things I am getting up to, please follow my posts. Any comments or things you may wish me to write about, please let me know...
In all my previous travels to Thailand, one of the first things I see on arrival that makes me realise I am the Thai Tuk Tuk, the wonderful Thai way of getting about.

Thai Tuk Tuk

Off to do a bit more packing, or at least to see whether I can leave anything else at home...may have to consider changing the size of ones case! Can't wait for my first Thai body massage...after all this stress!!!

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