Thursday, 21 November 2013

Boat trip, a Cow and bugs...

Friday now so soon off up country to Chaing Mai in a couple of days...yesterday brought a boat trip. My friend Kevin who I stayed with in Thailand last year advised on this boat trip up the klongs in Bangkok. So off I went, it was about 30mins walk from we're I'm staying. On arrival on the jetty, which if anyone interested when they visit Bangkok is just over the river on Soi 3, Sukhumvit. The boat type thing arrived, and with my heart in my mouth (think that's the right expression) I managed to place myself on the boat, whilst mistakingly looking downwards into the poo infested Klong, anyway I managed it...just.
One thing Kevin did say, was to get off at the shopping centre. To others the stop that had 'mall' in the title may have given a bit of  a clue, but no...I managed to miss it and ended up at the end of the line, and all there was there was some bloke's cow to look at, anyway realising that you can't have too many pictures of a cow, I took a picture of the cow!

The cow

Anyway, after saying goodbye to said cow, I got back on the next boat and returned to my jetty on Soi  3, taking a few pictures on the way including one of many interesting pieces of graffiti seen on the klong walls. 


My boat arriving

I decided to have my daily massage, so went up Soi 4 and were I had been before for my pedicure, I decided to have a foot massage for £4, so off I trundled up 2 flights of stairs into this very dark foot massage room, the whole room decked out in typical Thai murals, incense looming in the air...absolute bliss...the magical smell of Bangkok.

Anyway foot massage done, also had hair cut, but had to barter from B300 to B200, which I thought was still too expensive, but one needed a 'kojak' looking style so it had to be done! (Sorry mother, I know you like your little boy with some hair, but at 49yrs old, I am now old enough to decide I don't see any point in having hair, sorry)

I know I said earlier in my blog, about not too many pics of bugs, well maybe just 2 more for now!! I think one was a locust (my Animal Management trained other half will be able to tell me if I'm wrong on this one) the other definitely a cockroach. So with a little salt and garlic seasoning, they all went down a treat, although the cockroach's legs got stuck a bit between my teeth, and although I do love eating all things bug like, I do sometimes have trouble swallowing when I eat cockroach, but I suppose I will get used to it with practice.

My Cockroaches


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