Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bangkok's Fine Food.....

Ok, I admit, I love eating bugs! But the last thing anyone reading my blog will want to see, is bugs every time I post, so I will do my bug bit it today's post, and promise not too many bug pictures in the future....although that can't be guaranteed!
On Monday evening I visited a place were I have had been before, but she wasn't there with her bug cart, so was a little sad.....however last night passed the same place...and she had returned!
So as you can see below, the picture of the stall, which had a collection of cockroaches, frogs, grasshoppers, locusts and larvae. So after pondering a little, I settled for a few frogs in a garlic marinade, and a cockroach. Only had 1 cockroach as it was quiet large!

My bug cart I visited....yummy!

Cockroaches...a bit chewy!

Anyway, enough of bugs....for now! Didn't manage the Museum of Corrections yesterday, as I went for a foot massage! The massage wasn't a problem, it was amazing, all for £3. However after being prodded on the soles of my feet by the use do a very painful prodded type thing, my masseur said I may be a little sleepy, so I thought I had plenty of time, so went back to my lodgings for half an hr rest...big mistake! She wasn't kidding about the 'sleepy' bit, started my half our rest at 12:30hrs and woke up at 18:30hrs...which wasn't the plan! So off in a few minutes to the museum, this time without a foot massage beforehand!

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