Friday, 29 November 2013

Another day in paradise

I think Elton sang the song ' another day in paradise' .... Me I'll just hum it at the moment, otherwise might get funny stares in the little Thai restaurant I am sat in (mainly because I am starving, it's very cheap, and it has fast Wi-Fi). The songs playing in here at the moment, so thought I would use it as my title. Is Thailand paradise, probably yes, it's lovely weather, the people are always smiling, and the food is out of this world, especially the frogs I ate last week. But depends who people class as paradise. There is a lot of suffering here behind those lovely smiles, poverty that we English can only imagine, but they still smile....always!

Anyway, what did today bring,....last 2 days of free swimming and free massage, so had both. The massage lady I had yesterday I had again....mistake! She was lovely, but no one said don't ever have someone walk on your back 2 days in a row, because the recuperation from yesterday is still well...recuperating! So ones back was still recovering from yesterday's little hike she had on my back, so today's 12 mile walk she did on my back was damn painful, but I am assured there is a reason for it, so I await the benefits!!!!

Last night I had a lovely meal of Pork with hot chillies and garlic, see below (may have to order different stuff...but I love it) was served by I think her name was 'Aum' She was lovely, she even wrote down a few phrases for me to learn. I think she felt sorry for me being the only guy on his own, but I assured her I had a girlfriend....the reason I mentioned her was....yes we have all seen the programme about Ladyboys recently, well if there was any guy wondering why any of these guys on the programme would marry a Ladyboy, well if you have any doubts come and say hello to Aum, and  no Sue, my lovely girlfriend, I won't be appearing on the next Ladyboy programme!!!! I promise, but any bad press to thoughts about them, well for what I have learn and seen, they are lovely human beings who deserve respect and are more happy and lovely to talk to than most English people I have come across (well the ignorant ones anyway). So here's to Aum, a very lovely person, who made me laugh
and smile, and believe me, for those who know me, it doesn't happen that often, at least not when my lovely Sue is at the other side of the world.

Best have some tea, a couple of pici's below from today....

Outside my B&B in Chiang Mai

My spicy beef with chillies...served by Aun

My beer, like insects, you have to have a picture of a beer!

My pork with oyster sauce from yesterday...

Well tea's on its way....I think tonight's it's £1, so pushing the boat out!!!!

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