Friday, 29 November 2013

A Spirit House

Walking around Thailand, you will notice little houses (picture below), they are located outside peoples homes and business's. On closer inspection you will find that they will have a drink and usually some food on them. Anyway the food and drink is to feed the spirits, because if you don't have somewhere for the spirits, particularly the bad ones, to go, they will come into your home. So that's why you see little houses outside...quite a good idea when you think about it, will have to get one when I get home, although can't seeing Sue being very pleased. It will be just like feeding the birds, which I do every morning, so as well as feeding the birds, I can also feed the spirits....I have this feeling that she will be sold on this idea as soon as she reads this....

A little 'Spirit House'

Last night had a meal in the same little restaurant, this time had hot Thai soup, yes it was hot. Was 
chicken and coconut if I remember correctly....will have a go with this one when I get home.

Thai chicken & coconut soup

Anyway, it's afternoon now, so going soon for my last free massage, just an hour left, so having a foot massage, as definitely don't want that lovely masseuse doing another 12 mile hike across my back, then tomorrow off to my little £8 per night B&B for a couple of weeks, then it will be time for home...

Next Saturday I think I will treat myself to a little excursion, so off to watch football. Chiang Mai FC are playing their last home game, so may as well go and have a look. They play in a stadium called the 700yr old stadium, so I presume it's at least 700yrs old, thinking about it as it would be impossible to change the name every year, it could be 750yrs old, and therefore would have been called what it is 50yrs ago!!!....when you are sat in a little Thai restaurant waiting for another day to end, as you can tell, you think of some right stupid things....

700yr old stadium..CMFC 

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