Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Less than 2 weeks.......

A little update on my future travels. Less than 2 weeks now before I venture east. In fact in 2 weeks I will be 3 hrs into my flight from Schipol to Bangkok.
A slight change has accured since my last post, as I am now only visiting Thailand for 4 weeks, so will be back in the UK for crimbo. Decided to shorten my visit, because I feel 1 month is enough this time to visit possible retirement accommodation etc, also if I save a little of my saved money, I will have enough already for my flight again next year.
A few pics follows from my last visit, November 2012

A scene showing a favourite small market I visited in Chiang Mai in the old town. As you can see the fish are having a little swim whilst you choose which one you fancy for lunch, and if I remember correctly, they tasted awesome.

The markets in Chaing Mai (and all of Thailand for that matter) do appear at first sight, a little dirty. However on closer inspection, the food has to be the most lovely and clean I have ever come across, an absolute culinary delight.

Whilst I was walking around Chiang Mai last year, I saw this cafe bar...... the coffee was amazing, the service the best ever, and the price....that's why Thailand is an amazing place!

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