Monday, 18 November 2013

1st Day in Thailand....

I arrived safely, KLM yet again did very soon as I set foot out of the airport, and smelled the Thai aromas, I knew why this lovely place always attracts me...and I'm talking about the aromas of incense and food, not garbage and drains.

The hour drive to my little hotel took about 1hr as there was, as always in Bangkok, loads & loads of traffic, and the cost....£8

Last night had a bit of the old let lag, but what better way to help get rid of it is a great tasting Thai dish with a beer, so off I popped to a little restaurant I know on Soi 23 Sukhumvit, it's typical Thai (picture hopefully below if I am able to upload), it's got plastic tables and chairs, no air-con and a few dogs and cats coming to say hello...I had Beef in Oyster Sauce with some lovely Thai fish sauce in my rice....yummy....cost....60p

One of my favourite Thai Restaurants...on Soi 23

Beef in Oyster Sauce....with loads of Fish Sauce..

This morning had what is know as a lie-in, never had one of these since the last time I was in Thailand, got up at 9am, had Full English (decided to not have much so am able to eat lots on the street during the day, see pici) then went for a foot massage up Soi 8 which I have used before, and is amazing, the foot massage being £3...although I sometimes wonder why I put myself through this as my masseur I use tends to get extreme pleasure in what feels like a blunt instrument very hard on the soles of my feet, and yes it does hurt...but I assume it's supposed to!

Full English!

Another of my Favourite Thai Restaurants....

This afternoon off for a look around the Thai Correctional Museum, which shows all types of Thai Prison Torture, so should be interesting!!!

dtorng bpai la......

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